Won't you take me too, funkytown?

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November november, the fifth of... remember?
Fuck. tuesdays. fuck fuck fuck them.
Tuesdays are consitently. consistently the day i go crazy. the day life sucks the day i'm annoyed and agrivated and awful.

Caught up in my head awful tuesdays.

I really don't have much beef with mondays. I've still got the weekend jazz flowing through my system.
But always tuesdays. it's like. that point in the run where you are like "man i really just want to turn around am i really going for a run?" and then you are like fuck you yes i am and it's fine. but in real life the ugh want to go home and just go to sleep part lasts for a larger chunk of time. A chunk of time called tuesday.

I'd kill myself tomorrow but. tomorrow is wednesday. and this week it is also friday. and i'm betting i'll feel better tomorrow. Wednesdays are usually fine and fridays are usually pretty dandy.

I don't know but i've been told you never die and you'll never grow old.

anyways enough of this. maybe i'll write something real later. livejournal livejournal. i'm going to treat myself to some foods and a mocha. Coffee and chocolate and love ALL TOGETHER IN ONE LITTLE CUP. Why miss mocha i'd like to marry you.

oh but i am getting it from allann bros SO I WILL HAVE TO REFER TO IT AS A BEANERY DON"T FORGET.
it is like a beany with more er.

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1 - Title = Try to remember/the kind of September/when you were a tender and callow fellow, etc? Song from the musical Fantasticks?

2- Tuesdays are exactly the same for me. For some reason more than Monday or Wednesday they're they day when I feel like I need to be something I can't.

3- Allann Bros hot chocolates are and have been for a few years one of my very top go-to feel warm and fuzzy items.

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