Won't you take me too, funkytown?

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k so.
what i did today.

MY EARLIER ENTRY mentioned that i wasted hours on making a DS theme. BUT
in case you were wondering
it ended up looking like these

BUT THE MAIN THING IS. hay i made a flash movie.
finished one
but man it took a long time and isn't very long.

so there is my day.
right there
also i ate and drank some tea and listened to a lot of music and played a lot of advanced wars and made some phone calls and watched the wire. also took a shower and took out the compost once.

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you're such a funny kid. but i like your pictures. they're pretty cute... and wierd.

sup we are lj friends so you can read all of my secrets
also who are you
i have a guess

whats your guess?
(p.s. alexis)

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