Won't you take me too, funkytown?

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Shit for some reason I'm really excited about seeing this.
Probably doesn't hurt that i'm a huge fan of sam rockwell.

Also. effin trippy space sci fi movies just HOOK ME EVERY TIME.

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okay shit yeah this looks amazing
from like the first scene

also the moon looks crzier than the moon actually does


well he's on the DARK SIDE OF THE MOON. which we've never seen. so... ya know

are you making fun of me

no, but what you wrote was pretty funny to me. in a good way.

yeah well also i really like the moon, i guess technically or something it's called the far side. But the moon is in a synchronous rotation around the earth so we always just see this side. there are pics of the other side and it IS way different.

so you HAVE seen the other side?

how different would it be from the side that you have seen directly?

why, that looks remarkably similar to the near side of the moon. what was i expecting?!

it looks pretty different to me

yeah wow this looks pretty wild!

I mean. For some reason solaris is probably in my like top 5.

it has like a 6 on imdb and i try not to bring it up with people i don't know because sometimes they've seen it and are DISGUSTED.

This looks a little more thriller-ish. but maybe that's just the previews and also it's definitely not going into the horror movie genre like event horizon and sunshine did because in horror movies you need a whole crew of people to slowly kill off.

god i hate horror movies.

anyways yeah this movies looks cool i'm going to go see it in the theater.

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