Won't you take me too, funkytown?

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Unfamiliar ground.

I took this picture last year driving back from southern Oregon by myself in that work truck.

I listened to M. Ward the whole drive back.

I feel a little tired. I'm going to make some tea.

Life is feeling surreal.

You can't believe it's all really real, you don't know how to act you don't know how to feel.

You think it's a joke just like in the sixth grade when Nick asked you out and then laughed in your face.

and I'm doing really good but it feels a little like balancing on a ball sometimes. or. It feels like I'm concentrating on staying on top of it instead of just feeling it and trusting that things will be good.
Enjoy yourself Spencer. You've earned it.

Relax relax.


Matthew just left.

I want to start taking pictures again. I've almost been doing it.

My life is pretty great lately.
and I think I'm lucky and things are good.
But yes, a little afraid it's just a trick.
I'm not used to this new reality.

I've been trying to write you a poem all day...

A nice heart and a white suit and a giant fucking crush on this girl.

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Okay so actually you just need to make some things further from your chest and let some things be closer.

get the homework done Spencer, don't worry too much about it coming out perfectly honest, just get the work done. You don't need to pour YOURSELF into it. Save the pouring of yourself for.. the real things.

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