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Won't you take me too, funkytown?

10 October

ani difranco, animating, animation, art, ass, beatles, beautiful people, being cold and wet, bob dylan, bombing run, boobs, books, boondock saints, bufuing, cake, calvin and hobbes, capes, cat power, cats, computers, convers, cookies, cuddling, day of defeat, dialogue, dogs, donnie darko, drawing, dreams, elliot smith, eugene, fight club, figuring people out, fire, flash, flash animation, food, friends, games, gauntlet: dark legacy, girls, goons, grandaddy, guys, half-life 2, han solo, harry potter, hating school, hoods, hugging, hugs, jake gyllenhaal, jon stewart, jonny depp, jumping over things, kaleigh harris, khonnor, kimya dawson, kissing, kittens, kitties, laughing, legos, lol, long sleave shirts, looking at things, loveline, loving, macaroni and cheese, making animation, making flash movies, mann-wood project, mannwood project, matthew stephens, modest mouse, moldy peaches, movies, music, my bike, my cat, my computer, my room, myself, obi wan kenobi, ocf, oregon country fair, painting, pastels, penny arcade, people, petting my kitten, philosophy, photography, photoshop, photoshoping, plato, play dough, poking, popsicles, powergaming, quake, rage against the machine, rain, reading, richard kelly, sa forums, safeway, showers, six feet under, skiiing, snatch, snow, snow skiing, socrates, something awful, sour patch kids, spaceghost coast to coast, spiderman, spooning, star wars, summer, sweatshirts, taking pictures, talking, the beatles, the big lebowski, the brak show, the daily show, the dandy warhols, the fountainhead, the moldy peaches, the oregon country fair, the rain, the republic, the sky, the violent femmes, the west wing, the yeah yeah yeahs, they might be giants, tv, ugly casanova, whales, wow hall, x-men, xiu xiu, xploding matthewz, yoda